Soca Sends then Spending – Trinidad Carnival 2019 – Jamaica Big Carnival Market

Story Copyright (Jamaica Gleaner)  For many Jamaicans, the mesmerising pull of soca music is undeniable. It is this hypnotic force that draws them more than 1,000 miles across the Caribbean … Read More

Olatunji Talks about his XFactor experience

Olatunji Talks about his XFactor experience Links to UK Media about Olatunji Who is Olatunji ‘Ola’ Yearwood? X Factor 2018 contestant and Soca ……/who-is-olatunji-ola-yearwood-x-factor-2018-contestant-and… 2 days ago – Meet 33-year-old Olatunji Yearwood … Read More

London is the place for me . Lord Kitchener

    As the Empire Windrush docked at Tilbury in 1948, the Trinidadian singer Lord Kitchener was among the 492 Caribbean passengers arriving to begin a new life in Britain. Journalists mobbing the Essex … Read More