Caribbean Soca Artist Olatunji impresses XFactor’s Simon Cowell

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UK Caribbean Soca artist “Ola” Olatunji , full name Olatunji Yearwood, impressed
the Xfactor 2018 (C) Judges with his energetic performance ,
shown on ITV (c) on the second September 2018.


Olatunji , dressed in one of his signature style suits , had the judges singing and
clapping along with just his chants of “no , no , no” even as the sound engineer
played the wrong track at the start of his performance.  

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Judges – Robbie Willams & Ayda Fields chanting “No No No No”










Soca Groovy Monarch/International Soca Monarch in 2015 winner.

Olatunji , born September 3, 1985 , is an accomplished Soca artist from the Twin Island State of Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) and has been in the musical spotlight after entering and wining multiple competitions while still in his teens, including the T&T National Junior Calypso Monarch competition. 


Olatunji,  born in Trinidad to Edward Yearwood , composer and singer and mother Mairoon Ali, radio presenter , actress and Arts activist, suffered the loss of his mother at the tender age of 53 during the height of her acting career.
Olatunji was faced with the daunting realities as an only son of the loss of  his mother, a national treasure and his entire world. 

Mairoon Ali , Actress, Teacher, T&T National Treasure.


He has worked with big T&T Calypso and Soca Bands such as “Atlantic” and won Trinidad’s famous Groovy Monarch/International Soca Monarch competition in 2015 with his superb Afro/Soca hit “Ola.” which went on to play across Urban and Afro-American Clubs. He is the very last International Groovy Soca Monarch champion, as the competition’s format was changed in 2016 to exclude that category.  


Olatunji has been heralded by Global Music Analysis Magazine “Fader” as the face of Afro soca for his hit “Ola” and use of original African dance moves. It’s these same dance moves re-interpreted, modernised and absorbed into his signature style that wowed the Xfactor judges, Simon Cowell, Louis Tomlinson, Robbie Williams and his wife Ayda Field. Sharon Osbourne will also be involved during  the live shows.  An energetic performance saw Olatunji thru with “4500 yeses from me” – Simon Cowell. Be sure to follow this artist to Global Fame.



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Olatunji’s debut international album ‘Awakening’  is available from FOX FUSE – the world’s largest label for Soca Music.


Olatunji’s Performance


Olatunji – Bodyline _ Original Video

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